Amorphic Robot Works

Chico MacMurtrie

1/1/2005 - 4/2/2005

Artist Chico MacMurtrie formed the collective, Amorphic Robot Works in 1992. A New York based collaborative of artists, engineers and technicians creating robotic performances and installations, Amorphic Robot Works has won international recognition for its interactive and computer-controlled human and abstract machines and environments. These sophisticated neo-gothic, skeletal structures perform numerous, seemingly simple functions, from trying to throw a rock to raining, appealing to audiences of all ages and interests.

MacMurtrie describes his vision as “… an ongoing endeavor to uncover the primacy of movement and sound.” Each machine is inspired, influenced and informed by modern and contemporary social conditions and the artist’s physical and sensory experience. Sculptural forms are derived from images that MacMurtrie subconsciously draws and carves onto his desktop while engaged in phone conversations. A more complicated life is breathed into these sculpted drawings through mechanical means, activated by both compressor and computer.