Clarinetist Lori Freedman of Montreal

Lori Freedman, Ben Opie, Tracy Mortimore

9/1/2008 - 9/12/2008

RADICAL RIFFS: Contemporary Music Series presents a solo performance by internationally acclaimed musician Lori Freedman of Montreal.  Lori is one of the world’s preeminent clarinetists in the fields of improvised and contemporary classical music. She has developed a language all her own: at turns graceful, fluid, and wildly expressive. The evening also features a special improvised collaboration with Pittsburgh musicians Ben Opie (reeds) and Tracy Mortimore (bass violin).

$8 suggested donation
$6 suggested student donation.

LORI FREEDMAN is known internationally as one of Canada¹s most provocative and creative performers. Her work includes contemporary, improvised and electro-acoustic music and she frequently collaborates with dance, theatre and visual artists. Over thirty-five composers have written solo bass clarinet music for her and her work has been recorded on 24 CDs. Her first solo cd ³Huskless!² (Artifact)  received the Freddie Stone Award for the ³demonstration of outstanding leadership, integrity and excellence in the area of contemporary music and jazz² and won her the nomination for the Prairie Music Award 2000 as the ³Most Outstanding Classical Recording. ³Her second solo album, ³À un moment donné² (Ambience Magnetique), has been receiving critical acclaim since its release and was nominated for Best Recording of Musique Actuelle by the Prix d¹Opus 2003.  Lori teaches contemporary and improvised music internationally and at McGill University in Montreal.  For more info

TRACY MORTIMORE is originally from Toronto but now lives in Pittsburgh.  He specializes in Baroque, Contemporary Classical, and Improvised music and has performed throughout Europe, Asia, the United States, and Canada.  He is a member of Pittsburgh improvisational ensemble Dust & Feathers.

BEN OPIE is a twenty-year veteran of Pittsburgh¹s creative music scene.  For a decade he was a member of the critically acclaimed group Watershed 5tet. He is director of OPEK, a large Pittsburgh creative music ensemble specializing in the music of Sun Ra, and is active with avant-jazz group Thoth Trio and is also a member of Dust  & Feathers. Ben teaches music and computer technology at CAPA and Carnegie Mellon University.

³Lori Freedman is the best thing that ever happened to New Music. It is fantastic playing by a fantastic musician. Lori Freedman now owns my concerto² ‹ composer John Corigliano, New York City

³Clarinet never sounded so human – wildly curious, deeply soulful, swooping,
swooning naked intimacy² ‹ Juan Rodriguez, The Montreal Gazette

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