Kurt Hentschlager

9/27/2013 - 12/31/2013


Hive is a 3D-animated audiovisual installation where gallery visitors confront a swirling

mass of amorphous figures, appearing as a collective of matter as opposed to individual

beings in deep space.

HIVE’s choreographed motion-, light- and sonic patterns create an immersive, highly

dynamic figurative landscape, a pulsing audiovisual matter, without a beginning or end

Moment by moment computer generated, HIVE takes on the notion of being alive and

presents an artificial organism in eternal motion and interplay.

The stereoscopic nature of the projection introduces a whimsical, ethereal quality,

rendering a delicate, yet forceful spatial expanse right in front of the audience.

The sound in HIVE is created by the events present – including swarm motion and

behavior as well as changes in light and color. All visual appearances render a sonic

expression. As the choreography of the work passes through different phases, so does

the sound change its character over time.

Chicago based Austrian artist Kurt Hentschläger creates audiovisual performances and

installations. He began to exhibit his work in 1983, creating surreal machine-objects, and

since has been working with time-based media, film, video, animation and sound.

This exhibit is free and open to the public Wednesday & Thursday 11am-6pm; Friday & Saturday 11am-8pm; Sunday 11am-5pm