Guillaume Marmin

7/12/2019 - 8/25/2019

The work of Guillaume Marmin is part of a revival of visual creation by avoiding traditional forms of narration and traditional scenic supports. He is looking for a common language between image and sound, a synesthetic alphabet made of rhythms, contrasts and refined figures in motion. – Murray Horne, curator

Timée, 2016
Artist Guillaume Marmin and musician Philippe Gordiani were drawn to one of Plato’s theories that each planet has its own tone and which divided the entire planetary system into a different octave, in effect the universe having its own musical score.
Timée is Marmin and Gordiani’s attempt to recreate Plato’s vision in installation form. It is formed in a dark space with a wall that is perforated with a pattern of 300 holes. Light shines through each of them via a video projector placed in the rear and as the space fills with smoke shapes are formed within a stunning cosmic void.

Concept and design: Guillaume Marmin
Sound design: Philippe Gordiani
With the support of Lyon Center for Astrophysics Research and Stereolux

Anger & Hope, 2019 
Anger & Hope is a reference to the Greek myth of Pandora’s box out of which escaped these two recurring emotions of our everyday lives. The aim of the device is to give physical form to sound frequencies, rendered in three dimensions through luminous flux. Images and sounds merge into one medium, with shifting contours, which appears to be alive and tangible.

Concept and design: Guillaume Marmin
Sound design: Philippe Gordiani
Coproduction of Motion Motion, Stereolux, YAM