One Night Stand

TelcoSystems, Martijn van Boven, Billy Roisz, Tez, Gert-Jan Prins, Bas van Koolwijk, reMi

4/1/2009 - 4/24/2009

Machine Improvisations April 24 – June 20

World premiere of 12_Series, a new generative multichannel installation by the Dutch art collective Telcosystems.
Together with Martijn van Boven, they curated the Machine Improvisations exhibition. For the opening they invited some of the finest Dutch audiovisual performers to show their latest works live. With Telcosystems, Synchronator, TeZ and Martijn van Boven.

With Woodstreet Galleries, Machine Improvisations brings together a body of work created by an international group of artists, musicians, designers and filmmakers who share a common interest in exploring unseen and unheard audiovisual territories. By means of hacking, coding and soldering, they built their own tools and instruments tailored to their specific needs and wishes. These tools allow complete freedom when interacting with the electronic signals and digital processes. In doing so, they have each created their own unique vocabulary of audiovisual expression and composition. The presented works are at times visually violent, sonically extreme and physically intimidating, but most of all they give intriguing insights into the machines and the omnipresent digital environments with which we interact on a daily basis.

8:00 Screenings
Tekfet by Karl Klomp
Errange.03 by Meta
Scape_Time by TelcoSystems

8:30 Live Performance
Point Line Cube Cloud by Martijn van Boven

9:00 Screenings
Rail Movie by LUST
Tilt by Billy Roisz

9:15 Live Performance
PV868 by Tez

9:45 Screenings
Synchronator / Aarde by Gert-Jan Prins & Bas van Koolwijk
Mobile V by reMi
Synchronator / kleur by Gert-Jan Prins & Bas van Koolwijk

10:00 Live Performance
Mortals Electric by Telcoystems

10:30 Screening
A Thousand Scapes by Martijn van Boven

10:45 Live Performance
Synchronator by Gert-Jan Prins & Bas van Koolwijk



Czech It  April 3 – May 23

Czech It presents the work of eleven Czech photographers, showcasing the contributions of three generations of photographers, each responding to distinct social and political times of a country impacted by war, communism, and revolution.  Ranging from the 1920s to now, Czech it chronicles Bauhaus-influenced avant-garde abstractions, post-war reportage of social oppression, and the emerging new aesthetics following the Velvet Revolution.

Participating Artists:
Dana Kyndrová
Jindřich Štreit
Štěpán Grygar
Evžen Sobek
Michal Pěchouček
Kateřina Držková
Kristyna Milde
Alena Kotzmanová
Jaromír Funke
Eugen Wiškovský

with  DJ: Mary Mack


707 PENN

on this, the land  April 17th – May 22nd
works by Michael Ninehouser
with original score by joel chiarizio

With his new exhibition, “on this, the land,” Michael Ninehouser comments on early man and the assemblage of society as he recalls familiar fables while reconstructing gospel myths. With his naive approach to the medium, he attempts to affirm, through delicately perverted narrative, the crooked and feeble legs of man’s grace.

Composer Joel Chiarizio helps create an atmosphere of aimless urgency with an original score composed specifically for the exhibition. Unconventional instrumentation coupled with haunting rhythms, helps add a bizarre ambience to the already unsettling images.


709 PENN

Immersion  April 24 – May 23
Filmmaker Adriana Babinski

Brazilian filmmaker, Adriana Babinski, Babinski categorizes the piece as a  “Mirrored” documentary art installation.  The final work represents 3 films focusing on each country – Brazil, China, and USA. Each work will be projected simultaneously and individually on 3 panels. At this time of culture crises Babinski’s work personifies our ethical, religious and economy divides. This piece is an uplifting reminder of our collective oneness.



Ritual Decadence April 17 – May 16

Ritual Decadence, Future Tenant’s spring show guest-curated by Joe DeFerrari, will feature new and original two-dimensional works inspired by animal mating rituals. While many critique our hyper-sexualized contemporary culture, the animal world is full of sexual displays, from the ridiculous to the deadly.  Ritual Decadence will provide the viewer with insight into the urgency and importance of life’s drive to procreate, and give perspective into our own position within this system.  The opening will be held at Future Tenant on Friday, April 17 from 6-10pm and will feature a reactive sound installation by Jeremy Hedges.  Additionally, a collaborative group piece will be sold as a limited-edition run of prints, with proceeds to benefit a local animal shelter.

performances by spoken word artist Brian Francis, as well as Dr. Strange K (of The People in the Red Balloon) Time TBA



Revelations: A Post Apocalyptic Emporium
Art and Installation by C.B. Fisher
June 5 – August 8
Special Preview for One Night Stand

Revelations: A Post Apocalyptic Emporium, art and installation by C.B.
Fisher is an abstract satire that explores the beauty of survival
after a devastating fate. The work is both a commentary of the current
and an urgent warning of what may well be in regards to our own
mythology, politics and nature. If and when humankind is a myth, what
legacy will we have left behind?



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9:30 Happy Half Hour
10pm Show
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