The World Revolves Around You

HC Gilje

4/24/2015 - 6/21/2015

This exhibit was recently featured by VICE/The Creator’s Project

Watch video coverage of the opening here (by Joey Kennedy)

For HC Gilje’s second solo show at Wood Street Galleries, the artist will present a mix of old and new works, including North American premiere of the installations Revolver and Spin, and the world-premiere of flimmer  

About the works:

Revolver is a work originally commissioned by Sonic Acts and developed for The Dark Universe exhibition at NASA, Amsterdam in 2013.

It is a structure of light animations using three circles of LED-lights. Combined together this produces complex patterns of light and shadow on the walls in the exhibition space. In Revolver animated colored LED’s move in circles at different speeds and create a blending of colors. Meticulously adapted to the exhibition space, Revolver uses not only the shadows cast by the circles of LED-lights but also those of the visitors in the space. The ephemeral quality of the projected light transforms the physical space through a play of light and shadows.

Spin is a remake of a 2009 installation for the artist’s solo exhibition at HKS in Bergen, later presented at CTM in Berlin. The installation consists of a circle suspended from the ceiling with lights spinning shadows of anything in the space onto the floor and walls of the space.

flimmer (Norwegian for flicker/flutter, also «flimmer hair» means cilia)

“I work with creating movement through spaces, objects and bodies, often using ephemeral media like light, projection and sound to achieve this. For flimmer, my new installation for Woodstreet Galleries, I combine light animations, drums and wind to create a restless play of light and shadow in a forest of black strips.”