Pattern and Noise


7/10/2015 - 9/6/2015

Pattern and Noise, D-Fuse – watch video coverage of the opening here (by Joey Kennedy)

On view July 10-September 6

Pattern and Noise 

D-Fuse are a LDN-based artist collective with more than 15 years of history in installation, film, experimental documentary, photography, live cinema performance and architectural projects. Their work is shown internationally, including Prix Ars Electronica [Linz], Mori Arts Center [Tokyo], and TriBeCa Film Festival [NYC], and many others. The D-Fuse-edited book ‘VJ: Audiovisual Art and VJ Culture’ was published by Laurence King in 2007. In recent years much of their practice has focused on environmental issues.
Pattern and Noise is D-Fuse’s first solo exhibition in the US. Artists Mike Faulkner, Matthias Kispert, Paul Mumford and Toby Harris use the two floors of the gallery to explore the different themes central to their work: Small Global, focuses on data visualisation in relation to environmental issues and global interdependency, while Tektōn, references their roots in audio-visual culture, exploring the spatio-temporal qualities of light and motion. To celebrate this, on July 10th D-Fuse will perform two A/V shows – Tektōn and Latitude.

Small Global
Small Global is a series of immersive audio-visual installations dealing with global interdependence. Installations have focused on rainforest depletion, coltan mining and extreme energy production, and have been produced in collaboration with cultural centres such as Eyebeam (NYC) and academic institutions such as the School of Advanced Study, University of London. These installations will be brought together for Wood St., along with a new work exploring changing weather patterns and their impact on populations across the globe, with research input by scientists from the UCL-Lancet Commission on Climate Change and Health.

Tektōn is an ongoing collaboration between D-Fuse and Labmeta exploring the materiality and temporality of light in motion. Multi-layered light emitting objects are organised into kinetic structures that are governed by algorithmic systems. As the mechanics of the devices are rendered invisible, what remains are traces of movement. The fragile binaries of disorder and pattern, light and dark, harmony and disarray, human and machine reach temporary equilibrium as they are stabilised in motion. As constraints are readjusted, movement resumes, leading to the emergence of multiple uncertain behaviours and forms.





Small Global


by Mike Faulkner & Matthias Kispert

Animation by Mike Faulkner & Paul Mumford

Sound by: Matthias Kispert

Programming by Toby Harris

Tektòn One Three:

Kinetic Light Sculpture, 2ch Sound

by Mike Faulkner & Paul Mumford

Sound by: Matthias Kispert

Model by Toby Harris

Software by Toby Harris & Paul Mumford


Tektòn Two Zero:

Audiovisual Films, 2ch Sound

by Mike Faulkner & Paul Mumford

Sound by Matthias Kispert


D-Fuse performance at the Peirce Studio (click for directions)

July 10th, after the Gallery Crawl

9:30pm doors, 10pm performance

$10 at the door

Cash bar inside.

Pattern & Noise, live! D-Fuse perform Latitude [31°10N /121°28E] , a sonic cinema journey through Chinese urban landscapes, and Tekton, a live re-imagining of D-Fuse’s current exhibition at Wood Street Galleries.


Pattern & Noise, D-Fuse // Pittsburgh, PA // July 11, 2015 exhibit opening from Wood Street Galleries on Vimeo.