Permutations of Light

David Spriggs and Matthijs Munnik

1/20/2017 - 4/2/2017

Exhibition on view: January 20-April 2, 2017

*Visitors should be advised that strobe effects are used in the Citadels installation

Wood Street Galleries welcomes US debuts of light Installations by the young Canadian artist David Spriggs and Amsterdam based Matthijs Munnik. Dramatic, immersive and contemplative, both installations are newly commissioned works specifically for Wood Street Galleries.

Gold is the latest in David Spriggs’ chromatic artwork series of Stratachromes that examine the contemporary symbolic meanings of color. Spriggs’ large 36 ft. wide installation presents eleven inverted human figures painted on layers of transparent sheets that are hung within an inverted pyramid structure, which bears a striking likeness to the pediment of the New York Stock Exchange. Gold is a provocative artwork that speaks to the contemporary climate of excessive wealth and power held by a select few, and the significance associated with this opulent color.

*Citadels is an ongoing project by Dutch artist Matthijs Munnik, investigating the nature of flickering light and its effect on perception. In his immersive installations, brightly-colored stroboscopic fields light out completely white spaces. On entering the installation the visitor’s field of view becomes filled with intricate patterns, geometric shapes and imaginary colors, strong hallucinations filling every inch of space.



Art F City

Vice: Creator’s Project

Opening Reception, with the Gallery Crawl
Friday, January 20, 2017
5:30pm – 10:00 PM

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David Spriggs - Gold from David Spriggs on Vimeo.