Physical Conditions

Henrik Menne, Marnix de Nijs, Donato Piccolo, Edwin van der Heide

7/1/2009 - 9/23/2009

“Physical Conditions” presents dramatic and powerful new works that investigate automation within traditional sculptural practices.

In the interactive installation “Spatial Sounds”, artists Marnix De Nijs and Edwin van der Heide structure an engagement between machine and visitor that veers between attraction and repulsion, determining the sound and movement that ensues. Physically threatening and mesmerizing in its repetition,”Spatial Sounds” offers an “intelligent” relationship to be decoded by the viewer during an intimate and expressive process.

In contrast, the self-enclosed world of Donato Piccolo┬╣s “Hurricane” offers a more meditative reflection on our inner selves, despite a turbulent world so transparently displayed. There is no physical interactive manipulation or impact involved.

The work of Henrik Menne blurs the lines between utility and art, between the mechanic and anthropomorphic. While Menne’s process is controlled and repetitive, liquid become solid in a poetic display of aesthetic eccentricity and exuberance.