memory 5


12/1/2016 - 12/10/2016

December 9 + 10, 2016


∆ slowdanger ∆ returns to Wood St. Galleries for an intimate showing of M E M O R Y 5.

memory 5 is underwater, in a space of dreams and past works that have been submerged and overgrown. Where the natural world has begun to overtake the constructed world. As performers navigate a landscape in ruins and decay, we observe memory and compare it to the highly purported ability of water to retain memory of a substance previously dissolved even after it has been serially diluted (‘water memory’). Within this we question, how much has our memory been diluted? How much of our reality, when examined, could be pseudoscience? How much of the actual substance of memory do we retain in the recall of a lived experience?

Taking place on the 3rd floor of Wood Street Galleries.
Doors: 7:30pm
Performance: 8:00pm
$5-$10 scale at the door.