4/27/2018 - 6/17/2018

In their second group show at Wood Street Galleries, Dutch art collective Macular will be showing four room-scale kinetic light installations. These works are connected through their investigation of frequencies through time and space and their cyclical nature.

Nicky Assmann’s new installation “The Abysses of the Scorching Sun” deals with the concepts of the earth and the sun as a perpetuum mobile, the passage of time, the finite and the infinite, global warming and changing climate of our planet.

In “Peradam”, Matthijs Munnik explores holographic forms of light, creating volumes from movements, freezing in time and blurring in space.

Daan Johan and Joris Strijbos’s collaborative project “Phyllotaxis” is a mechanical, digital, and automated interpretation of the natural phenomenon of phyllotaxis, in which a repeating spiral is represented by a fraction describing the angle of windings leaf per leaf.

And, in “Lucerna Electronica”, Eric Parren reimagines the 17th century magic lantern as a modern-day device based on the interference patterns of light particles.

Phyllotaxis and The Abysses of the Scroching Sun are supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.