Macular: Daan Johan, Eric Parren, Joris Strijbos, Matthijs Munnik, Nicky Assmann

9/22/2017 - 12/31/2017

On view September 22-December 31, 2017

Scroll down to see videos of the work!

For their upcoming group show at Wood Street Galleries, members of the Dutch art collective Macular have developed four kinetic light installations. Each of the installations deals with the topic of interference within patterns of light and movement. The works are the outcome of the collective’s broader research into the applications of technology and science within art and their perpetual quest to probe the limits of human perception. The exhibition will be an immersive sensorial experience in which the audience can wander about through an abstract world of kinetic light machines.

Macular is an art collective of a group of artists who share a common interest in art, science, technology, and perception. The members of the collective collaborate on the creation and production of multi-sensorial artworks that are presented at media arts festivals, musea, galleries, and other arts institutions around the world. Macular collective consists of artists Daan Johan, Eric Parren, Jeroen Molenaar, Joris Strijbos, Matthijs Munnik & Nicky Assmann.

Undulator from Eric Parren on Vimeo.

Fading Shadows from Nicky Assmann on Vimeo.

Shifting Structures from Matthijs Munnik on Vimeo.

PARSEC from Joris Strijbos on Vimeo.